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Credit Application

Fill out, print, sign and fax to 323.735.4720


Has the firm or any of the officers ever filed a petition for Bankruptcy?


Bank references

The undersigned WILL / WILL NOT (circle one) submit a financial statement.

The undersigned, as an inducement to grant credit, warrants that the information submitted is true and correct, and that Globe Stainless, Inc. is authorized to investigate the credit references listed above.


I hereby agree to pay to Globe Stainless all indebtedness now or hereafter owing by me to said company, whether individually, partnership or corporation. In consideration of Globe Stainless extending credit to the above applicant, the undersigned does hereby individually and personally guarantee to Globe Stainless the sum or sums of money as at any time hereafter be due to Globe Stainless from the said applicant for goods sold to the applicant whether said indebtedness be in the form of notes, bills, or open account. Purchaser agrees to pay all costs of collections of past due account including reasonable attorney's fees.

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