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With our state of the art equipment Globe Stainless has the capabilities to provide you with practically any custom sized blank, bar, sheet or slit coil that you may require. Because we carry only stainless steel we have installed machinery that is designed and engineered specifically for processing stainless steel allowing us to produce the finest quality product available. This also eliminates any chance of contamination from different types of steel being processed on the same equipment.

Slitting: Our Dual-Head 52” BRANER slitting line was christened in June of 2008.We can precision slit material from .190” to .016” thick while holding guaranteed width tolerances of +/-.005”. Coils can be recoiled with or without paper interleaving or PVC coating depending on your needs.

Leveling: Our RED BUD cut to length line features a top of the line Herr Voss leveling head ensuring the best leveling technology is at our disposal, after all, it’s the flatness that really counts. We can level from 10ga thru 26ga and to your custom length. We frequently cut sheets longer than 168” to meet the demands of our customers.

Shearing: Our Cincinnati shears give us high production capabilities while still being able to provide the utmost accuracy. With the addition of our latest machine, a 14’ hydraulic shear, we are now able to shear 26ga thru ¼ “thick and up to 168” in length.

Edging: We can produce our own flat bar as well. Our Gauer edger allows us to cut sheet stock to your specific criteria then run it through our precision edger/flattener/ straightener. We can produce flat bar from 16ga thru ¼ “ and from 12” to 168” long.

PVC Application: We can apply PVC coating to any stainless item ordered. We stock black & white regular tac, blue lo-tac, and pvc specially engineered for laser shear applications. We can manually apply PVC to sheets for your individual needs as well as being able to apply PVC at the leveling and slitting lines. We can also apply PVC to both sides of the material for finish critical applications

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